Flat Roof Leak Detection



Flat Roof Leak Detection




In most cases, the damage that flat roofs and facades might have is not detectable with the naked eye. Nevertheless, with the use of our FDO 4.5 instrument damaged areas can be located very precisely.  


The area on the flat roof is marked with a loop and subsequently slightly moistened. 

After the plus pole is connected to the building’s earth our transmitter supplies pulses of electrons to the roof’s outer surface.  

Due to being earthed, the flow of electrons is drawn from the leak and flows to the building’s earth. Our digital receiver locates the drop in the electron flow and shows the direction to the leak.  


The reading is not even influenced by a layer of gravel with paving stones or green roofs. 

The refurbishment of flat roofs and facades is becoming increasingly important


Sealing flat roofs 2009 in Germany:     Flat roof area 2009 in Germany (100%) 

 Approx. 100 Million m²                              40% new buildings


  Tendency – increasing                             60% refurbishing.   



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