Flat roof leak detection


Leak tightness tests using the electron flow - measuring technique


An area on the flat roof is marked with a wire loop and subsequently slightly moistened. Our transmitter (the plus pole having previously been connected to the building’s earth) supplies pulses of electrons to the roof’s upper skin. Due to being earthed, the flow of electrons is drawn from the leak and flows to the building’s earth.

Our digital receiver locates the drop in the electron flow and shows the direction to the leak. Even readings taken through a layer of gravel with paving or greened roofs provide reliable results.

We use our specially developed FDO 4.5 monitoring system that has proven itself for years. Our daily use has continuously shown us new opportunities for improvement, and thus we continuously improve our instruments.



Leak tightness test using the flue gas technique

Using a side channel blower, flue gas is introduced into the insulating layer under the sealing with the aid of a filling adaptor. The gas is distributed under the membrane and exits through the leak. The leakages are then marked and can then be repaired by a roofing contractor. They also seal the connection points.

The flue gas that is used is harmless to health. The amount used depends on the structure (material and thickness) of the existing insulation.
In contrast to flat roof leak detection using the electron flow monitoring technique, no wetting of the roof is required using the flue gas technique. Even metallic constructions (such as lightning conductors or vent pipes) do not interfere with the detection technique.

Connection points, perimeter areas and rear vents can be checked very well and quickly. Similarly, this procedure for leak testing and quality assurance has been used very successfully on new buildings.  



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