Flat roof leak detection

Have You ever come across the situation that you start to notice signs that water starts to penetrate the building through the roof and the damaged area is not possible to detect with the naked eye?

If You want to avoid such situations and timely identify and eliminate the leaks in order to prevent long-term damage to the building fabric and the associated high renovation costs then E.LU-Mess Team is the right choice.

Lümmen-Team is Germany based company which for more than 20 years operates in field of manufacturing of measuring equipment and provids services in leak detection. As our team continues to expand, we go further beyond the borders of Germany to share our knowledge and experience.

We provide Flat roof leak detection and leak tightness tests on old or new Flat roofs with self-manufactured equipment. Our service includes Leak tightness tests using the electron flow – measuring technique and Leak tightness test using the flue gas technique.

Applicable Flat roof coverings – Gravelled, Greened, Slabs on Gravel, PVC membrane, bituminous membranes.

Please feel free to arrange a no-obligation consultation with us and we will put together maintenance package completely tailored to your needs. 

If you have any other questions let us know (as Leak detection is our Topic!!!)



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Do you have a seemingly untraceable leak ? Call the Lümmen-Team! We are not only manufacturers, but also a service providers.


Our specialists will also find the weak points of your roof:  customer service info@luemmen-messtechnik.de