Leak Location systems



To locate leakage has occurred, the pipes must be known. This situation is however not always, just think about:


·       Underground utility lines

·       pipes in the building under the screed, behind tiles, cavities, etc.

·       cables in ducts

·       outflow pipes


Before the search is a tube leakage detection for the determination of the course of essential.Particularly susceptible to damage the branches (tees) must be recognized.In many cases, where the thermography gives no satisfactory results (lack of heat dissipation), other systems are used the pipe location.



For accurate and rapid detection of metal lines, the electro Magnetic Locators used. With her ​​next to the course is also laying depth to determine.  A pulse generated in the pipes an electromagnetic field that is detectedby a special receiver with a search coil. Plastic pipes can be located by means of a metal coil that is inserted into the tube.


Even with a body microphone sound can be detected and the pipeline.This flow noise inpipes can be located directly orindirectly. The thermal imaginglocates the heatradiation of the line (if available).


An inexpensive solution is an infrared thermometer with a laser spot,which is toget in trade for about 100 €.









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